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Core/Elective: Core Semester: 3 Credits: 4
Course Description

This course introduces the theory of digital signal processing and the important skill of real-time DSP design and implementation techniques.

Course Objectives

To study principles, concepts and practice of Digital Signal Processing.
To familiarize Explain the methods and processes of constructing the different types of Filters

Course Content

1.Signals and signal processing-Classification of signals-operations-Digital signal processing-Discrete time signals and systems in the time domain- sequence representation- sampling-Discrete time systems

2. Discrete time signals in the transform domain-Discrete time Fourier transform-Discrete Fourier transform- Convolution- Z transform- Finite dimensional discrete time systems- Frequency response-Transfer functions-simple digital filters-All pass transfer function-Min-Max phase transfer function-Complementary transfer function-Inverse system.

3. Digital processing of continues time signals-sampling-sampling of band pass signals-Analog low pass filter-Band stop filter-Digital filter structures-Block diagram representation- FIR-IIR

4. Adaptive filters-system modeling-Equalization-adaptive line enhancer-adaptive noise cancelling-LMS Algorithm-RLS algorithm-Lattice ladder filters

5. Multirate digital signal processing-rate alteration devices-sampling rate conversion-poly phase decomposition-Nyquist filters-digital filter banks-multilevel filter bank-linear prediction and optimum linear filtersRandom signals-correlation function- power spectra-forward and backward linear prediction-Wiener filter for filtering and prediction


1. John G. Proakis, Dimitris K Manolakis, Digital Signal Processing: principles, Algorithms and Applications, Pearson; 4 edition, 2007
2. Li Tan, Jean Jiang: Digital Signal Processing: Fundamentals and Applications, Academic Press; 2 edition, 2013
3. Robert J. Schilling , Sandra L Harris;, Digital Signal Processing using MATLAB, CL Engineering; 3 edition, 2016
4. Juan Zhang, Digital Signal Processing: Fundamentals, Techniques and Applications, 1st ed, Nova Science Pub Inc, 2016

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