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Core/Elective:Elective Semester: 1 Credits: 3

Virtualization provides the benefit of reducing the total cost of ownership and improving the business agility. This course systematically introduces the concepts and techniques used to implement the major components of virtual servers behind the scene. It discusses the details on hypervisor, CPU scheduling, memory management, virtual I/O devices, mobility, and etc.


The course introduces the concepts and principles of virtualization, the mechanisms and techniques of building virtualized systems, as well as the various virtualization-enabled computing paradigms.


1. Overview: Why server virtualization –History and re-emergence –General structures. Architectures comparison. Commercial solutions –VMWare, Xen.

2. Virtual machines: CPU virtualization -Privileged instructions handling -Hypervisor -Paravirtualization. Hardware-assisted virtualization. Booting up. Time keeping. CPU scheduling. Commercial examples
3. Memory management in virtualization: partitioning –reclamation –ballooning. Memory sharing. OS-level virtualization –VMWare –Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.

4. I/O virtualization: Virtualizing I/O devices -monolithic model -virtual I/O server. Virtual networking –tunneling –overlay networks. Commercial examples. Virtual storage: Granularity -file system level –blocks level.

5. Virtualized computing: Virtual machine based distributed computing, elastic cloud computing, clustering, cold and hot migration. Commercial examples. Challenges and future trends.


1. Virtual Machines: Versatile Platforms for Systems and Processes (1st Ed): Jim Smith, Ravi Nair; Morgan Kaufmann (2005)
2. Applied Virtualization Technology - Usage models for IT professionals and Software Developers (1st Ed): Sean Campbell Intel Press (2006).

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