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Core/Elective: Elective Semester: 2 Credits: 4
Course Description

Reliability is the ability of a device or system to perform a required function under stated condition for a specified period of time. Reliability engineering is performed throughout the life cycle of a system including development, production and operation

Course Objectives

To Study the state of the art technologies, methodologies and tools used to assess and ensure the reliability of software system
To evaluate the reliability of embedded systems through hardware based and software based technologies


1. Reliability Engineering measures -SMTF - reliability function for common distribution - Maintainability -availability -software verification and validation

2. Relablity Modeling - Halsted's software metric -cylomatic complexity metric -error seeding models-failure rate models-curve fitting models-Reliability Growth Models-Markov Structure Models

3. NHPP software reliability models –Fault tolerant Software - Recovery Block Scheme - N-version Programming-Self checking Duplex Scheme -Relability with Enhanced Proportional Hazard Jelinski-Moranda (EPJM) Model

4. Embedded Systems Reliability Evaluation-Fault Injection Techniques-Fault Category- fault coverage estimation - FARM Model -Hardware based Fault Injection - Soft Errors on Digital Components-Protection against Soft Errors

5. Pin-Level Hardware Fault Injection - Fault model set- SEEs in FPGAs-Agents-Based Fault Injector for Windows NT-BOND Tool-Xception-MEFISTO-Mutation testing-Dynamic Fault Collapsing


1. Alfredo Benso andP Prinetto “Fault Injection Techniques And Tools For Embedded Systems Reliability Evaluation” Kluwer Academic Publications (2003)
2. Hoang Pham “Software reliability” Springer (2000)

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