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Core/Elective: Elective Semester: 2 Credits: 3

Course Description

The course will introduce the major design, implementation and deployment issues regarding system integration, data-oriented cross-platform integration, e-business applications implementation and the security considerations in enterprise level multi-location systems integration. Business Process Management (BPM) is the set of concepts, methods, and tools that help organizations define, implement, measure and improve their end-to-end processes

Course Objectives

The course will introduce the concepts and techniques related to the service-oriented as well as the data-oriented application integration approaches. Reasonable emphasis will be given for the middleware technologies and large-scale application integration standards. The course will also focus on the methods and techniques required to analyze, design, implement, automate, and evaluate business processes and workflows related to process-aware information systems.

Course Content

1.Application Integration Overview: Problems in large-scale application integration, Business & Service Oriented Integration: XSLT Processing, Enterprise?Service?Bus, Web services introduction, Second generation web services –messaging –security –metadata.

2.Middleware: Basics and types, Distributed Transactions, Two-Phase Commit, Message-oriented Middleware (MoM), Java middleware, Integration Servers, XML and other standards. Commercial examples.

3.Data-orientated Application Integration: Loosely couples systems, Data oriented programming, Data flow architecture, Event driven architecture. Integration with Business systems: Legacy systems integration –challenges, External system integration standards –RosettaNet –ebXML –UCCNet.

4.Integration standards: SOAP, XML-RPC, REST. Vertical Application Integration. The Application Integration Process. Reliability and Fault-tolerance. Ontologies. Data integration patterns.

5.Business Process Analysis and Design: Workflows & BPMS, Introduction to BPMN, Managing Processes, Components of process models, Process Management Maturity, Rules, Integrating rules with processes, Process dashboards. Commercial solutions.


1. Service Oriented Architecture: A field guide to Integrating XML and Web Services (1st Ed): T Erl, Prentice Hall
2. EnterpriseIntegration Patterns:Designing, Building and Deploying Messaging Solutions; G.Hohpe and B. Woolf, Addison Wesley Professional.
3. Next Generation Application Integration: From Simple Information to Web Services; D. Linthicum; Addison Wesley.
4. Essential Business Process Modeling; Michael Havey; O'Reilly Media

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