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Core/Elective: Elective Semester: 2 Credits: 3

Course Description

This course discusses basic software project quality management principles and techniques as they relate to software project planning, monitoring and control. This course describes the basics of software verification and validation planning with an emphasis on software peer reviews and software testing. The course also covers software configuration management, technical metrics for software.

Course Objectives

Understand the basics and benefits of software quality engineering
Plan, implement and audit a Software Quality Management program for their organization
Select, define, and apply software measurement and metrics to their software products, processes and services
Understand the fundamentals of the configuration management process to include configuration identification, configuration control, status accounting, and audits

Course Content

1. Introduction to software quality: Software Quality - Hierarchical models of Boehm and McCall - Quality measurement - Metrics measurement and analysis - Gilb's approach -GQM Model

2. Tools for Quality - Ishikawa's basic tools - CASE tools - Defect prevention and removal -Reliability models - Rayleigh model - Reliability growth models for quality assessment

3. Testing for reliability measurement Software Testing - Types, White and Black Box, Operational Profiles - Difficulties, Estimating Reliability, Time/Structure based software reliability - Assumptions, Testing methods, Limits, Starvation , Coverage, Filtering, Microscopic Model of Software Risk

4. Software reliability and availability - standards and evaluation of process - ISO 9000 - SEI Capability Maturity Model (CMM) - Software configuration management -

5. Technical metrics for software - metrics for the analysis model - metrics for design model -metrics for source code - metrics for testing - metrics for maintenance - technical metrics for object oriented systems - distinguishing characteristics - class oriented metrics -operation oriented metrics - testing metrics - project metrics


1. Software Quality: Theory and Management(3rd edition): Allan C. Gillies, Cengage (2003)
2. Software Process Quality- Management and Control: Ron S Kenett, E. R Baker, CRC (1999)
3. Metrics and Models in Software Quality Engineering:Stephen H. Kan, AW (2014)
4. Practical Reliability Engineering (5th Ed):Patric D. T.O connor, "", 5th Edition, John Wesley & sons, 2011
5. Software Engineering - A practitioners approach (7th Ed): Roger S. Pressman, McGraw Hill (2009)

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