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Core/Elective: Core Semester: 2 Credits: 4

Course Description

This course will allow students to develop background knowledge as well as core expertise in Database Management Systems. The students will learn Database concept, Data Models, various approaches to Database design.

Course Objectives

To describe the modeling concepts and notation of the ER, Relational, OO and UML including their use in database modeling.
Understand Database design and normalization techniques.
Use SQL and its various versions.
Understand transaction management and distributed databases
Develop Database system to handle the real world problem.

Course Content

1. Overview of database concepts – Traditional database models – Relational model – Relational languages – SQL and embedded SQL – Database design including conceptual and logical design techniques – Object Oriented databases

2. Physical database design – Determinant of database program – Representation of tables using operating system files – single table files, multitable files, clustered table organization, typical page organization – Indexing – B –tree, B+ tree, B* tree organizations, clustered and non clustered indexes – Hashing – static, dynamic hashing – Comparison of indexing and hashing – Typical physical design features supported by contemporary database management software like PostgreSQL, mySQL

3. Transaction Management - Concurrency Control - Recovery - Query Processing - Query Optimization - Database Security

4. Distributed Databases – Motivation for distributed databases – Distributed concepts – Types of distribution – Architecture of distributed databases - distributed query processing – commit protocols for distributed databases - distributed database features in practical databases

5. Emerging trends – Temporal databases – Active databases – Deductive databases – concepts of next generation databases – Data Warehouses – Data Mining – Multimedia databases


1. Database Systems: A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation and Management (4th Ed.) – Thomas M. Connolly and Carolyn E. Begg , AW (2004)
2. An Introduction to database systems (8th Ed.) - C. J. Date, AW (2003)
3. Principles of Distributed Database systems (2nd Ed.) – M. Tamar Ozau and Patrick Valduriez, PH, (1999)
4. Temporal Data & the Relational Model ( 1st Ed.) – C. J. Date, Morgan Kaufmann, (2002)

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