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Core/Elective: Elective Semester: 1 Credits: 3

Course Description

The key objective of this course is to provide fundamental knowledge in the design principles for general-purpose parallel computers. Students will gain fknowledge and understanding of principles and practice in parallel computer architecture and computing, emphasizing both hardware and software challenges and the interactions between them.

Course Objectives

Get a broad understanding of parallel computer architecture and different models for parallel computing
To understand concepts related to memory consistency models, cache coherence, interconnection networks, and latency tolerating techniques.
To learn about strategies for how algorithms that were originally developed for single-processor systems can be converted to run efficiently on parallel computers
To know about current practical implementations of parallel architectures

Course Content

1. Introduction to digital computers – processor design principles - Advanced Processor Technology – Memory and I/O organization- Cache organization – Introduction to parallel processing

2. Parallel processing terminology – Flynn’s & Handler’s Classification - Pipelining and Superscalar Techniques: Linear & Nonlinear Pipeline Processors – Instruction and Arithmetic Pipeline design – Superscalar and super pipeline design

3. Parallel and scalable architectures: Multiprocessor System Interconnect – Cache coherence – Uniform and non uniform memory access multiprocessors - Synchronization - Message passing systems

4. Distributed systems – Message passing model – Programming model – Parallel Virtual Machine – Architecture of PVM – Programming model of PVM - Comparison

5. Connectivity: System interconnect architectures – Networks – Routing – Clusters, Linux Clusters – Case studies on Parallel Architectures developed in India like PARAM


1. Computer Architecture and Organization (3rd Ed): John Hayes, McGrawHill (2002)
2. Computer Architecture (4th Ed): John L. Hennessy & David A. Patteron, Elsevier (2007)
3. Advanced Computer Architecture (1st Ed): Kai Hwang, McGraw-Hill (1993)
4. Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing (1st Ed): Kai Hwang and Faye A. Briggs, McGraw-Hill (1984)
5. Current Literature

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