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Core/Elective: Elective Semester: 1 Credits: 3

Course Description

This course focuses on imparting knowledge about the practical aspects of data communication and computer network systems with the required basic principles behind them, along with some practical assignments. The course examines the conceptual framework for specifying a computer network and the network protocols.

Course Objectives

Comprehend and demonstrate command in the principles of data communication and computer networking.
Describe the networking technologies including LANs, MANs, and WANS.
Understand the functions of TCP/IP and the organization of the Internet.
Grasp the privacy and security issues prevalent and know how to enforce standards for them through technologies such as firewalls and encryption
Evaluate a network in terms of cost, performance, privacy and security.
Plan and design a small and practical network for home or small business applications under a specified set of constraints
To understand new trends and emerging technologies

Course Content

1. Fundamentals of Data transmission - Components of a network - LAN Technology - Ethernet - CSMA/CD - Switched Ethernet

2. Internetworking with TCP/IP- IP addressing - Subnetting - Routing - Intra and Inter-domain routing protocols

3. End-to-End Reliability - TCP and UDP - Congestion Control - Quality of Service - Internet traffic and Traffic Engineering - Real time traffic and scheduling

4. High-level Network Services - DNS, HTTP, SMTP - Network Security - IPTables - Network Management - SNMP

5. Emerging Trends - MPLS - Active Networks - Gigabit Networking - Photonic Networks


1. Computer Networks- A Systems Approach (4th Ed): Larry L. Peterson and Bruce S. Davie, (2007)
2. Data & Computer Communications (8th Ed): W. Stallings, PH (2006)
3. Internetworking with TCP/IP Principles, Protocols & Architecture (1st Ed): Douglus E. Comer, PH (1991)
4. Essential SNMP (2nd Ed): Douglas Mauro and Kevin Schmidt, O'Reilly Media (2005)
5. Web Resources: ieee.org, cisco.com, linuxnetworks.org

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