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Core/Elective: Core Semester: 1 Credits: 4

Course Description

Effective software project management is crucial to the success of any software project. It is needed for the timely completion of projects. This course discusses the important aspects of software project management

Course Objectives

To be able to create a comprehensive project plan
To be able to gather right people and right tools for project success
To be able to plan, track and control software projects

Course Content

1. Project management fundamentals-Approaches- Challenges- Role of Project Manager-Planning Fundamentals – Major issues in software project planning – Planning activities – Project plan- Risk Management

2. Project estimation- techniques-Size estimation– Major issues in estimating software cost – Cost estimation methods – Experience based model – Parameter based model – COCOMO – Versions of COCOMO – Software size estimation – Function points – Staffing Level Estimation-Project Scheduling-organization and Team Structures-Configuration Management

3. Quality replacements – Turnover management- Conflict Management- Project Tracking and Control Plan- Project Control essentials- Earned Value Tracking

4. Managing Contracts- ISO 12207 approach- types of contract- stages in Contract Placement- Contract management-

5. Essentials of Project Recovery- Diagnosing Project Control Effectiveness- Detecting Control Problems- External Software Capability Audits- Insufficient control-Excessive Control-Sustaining Recovery


Essentials of Software Project Management (2nd Ed): Richard Bechtold, Managenent Concepts (2007)
Software Engineering Project Management (2nd Ed) : Richard Thayer, Wiley-IEEE Computer Society (2000)
Software Management (5 sub Ed): Donald J. Reifer, IEEE (1997)
Software Project management (4th Ed): Bob Hughes & Mike Cotterell, McGrawHill (2006)

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