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Research Facilities

While the major focus of research is on Information Systems, the departmental research interests span the Computer Science spectrum, as well. Recent publications cover topics in Human-Computer Interaction, Information Security, Networked Embedded Systems, Natural Language Processing, Software Engineering, VLSI, etc. Students are made to involve actively in research projects and many of them co-author technical papers and give conference presentations. The numerous refereed publications that have resulted from Masters theses, research work and projects testify the quality of research. DCS research potential is reflected in the grants from the Ministry of Human Resource Development for thrust area research.

Research Laboratories

The research laboratories have been developed/augmented using the 2007 MHRD grant.

  1. Quantum Computing Lab/ Artificial Intelligence & NLP Lab (HCI/AI/NLP)
    • To Provide hands on experience on various modes of interaction with computers
    • To facilitate research in the field of human computer interaction
    • To undertake projects and consultancy work related to the development of multimode interfaces to diverse, challenged or non-specialist users.
    • To investigate problems of accessibility of computers for users of different ages, skill levels, cognitive styles, sensory & motion impairments or native languages
  2. Bioinformatics Lab/Artificial Intelligence & Software Engineering Lab

    ESL Offers excellent facilities for researchers, academics and industry to work with, in the areas mentioned below

    • Networked Embedded System Design
    • Embedded Control Systems
    • Real Time Operating Systems

    ESL Develops practical and viable Embedded System Design Technologies for unprecedented design challenges.

    ESL Provides hands on experience on embedded-real time operating system, embedded middleware and design methodologies for real-embedded systems

  3. Cyber Physical Systems Lab/ Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision Lab

    The Mission of this Lab is to perform research in the theory and practice of areas related to mobility of systems, users, data and computing.Thrust areas of research are

    • Applications and computing services supporting mobile users
    • Architectures, protocols and algorithms to cope with mobility
    • Mobile Agents
    • Wireless/Mobile service management and delivery
  4. Software Engineering Laboratory (SEL)

    Software Engineering Laboratory offers innovative software engineering research facilities to develop and deploy value added software. Main areas of work envisaged are

    • Object Oriented Analysis, Design and Development
    • Automated Software Testing
    • Process Modelling
    • Agent Based Computing
  5. Computing Lab

    Well equipped general-purpose Computing lab meets the curricular requirements of the M.Tech programmes.Software Facilities - Ptolemy Modelling and simulation of cyber physical system , Matlab


The Department came into existence in 1984 with an M.Tech. Programme in Computer and Information Science. In addition to this it has an M.Tech. programme in Software Engineering. The Department also conducts research leading to Ph.D. in several areas of computer science including Artificial Intelligence, human computer interaction, Intelligent architectures and Software Engineering.

Core Areas of Research

Natural Language Processing, Theoretical Computer Science, Distributed Computing, Information Systems Engineering, Computer Networks, Mobile Computing