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# Year Name & Designation Date Purpose of Visit
1 2021 Dr. Gopu R Potty
Associate Professor,
Department of Ocean Engineering, of Rhode Island, USA
07-12-21 TData Analysis, Optimisation and Machine Learning Application in Ocean Engineering Applications
2 2019 Prof. Dr. Rajiv Ranjan
University Chair Professor for the Internet of Things,
School of Computing, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
21-09-19 Talk on "New Horizons in IoT Workflows Provisioning in Edge and Cloud Data Centres for Fast Data: The Osmotic Computing Approach"
3 2019 Prof. Dr. Gaurav Sharma
University of Rochester, USA
20-02-19 Talk on "Imaging Arithmetic: Physics U Math > Physics + Math"
4 2019 Prof. Dr. Gaurav Sharma
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of Rochester, USA
29-01-19 Talk on "Large Scale Visual Data Analytics for Geospatial Applications"
5 2018 Dr. Vaneet Aggarwal
School of Industrial Engineering,
Purdue University, USA
03-08-18 Talk on "Deterministic sampling conditions for Tensor completion"
6 2015 Prof. Sartaj Sahni
University of Florida ,USA
14-11-15 Talk on "Green Computing"
7 2015 Prof. Mikhail V. Volkov
Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg, Russia
02-12-15 Erudite Talk on “Synchronizing Automata”
8 2015 Prof. Andreas M. Hinz
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich,Germany
18-03-15 Erudite Talk on Algorithms and Automate for the Towers of Hanoi
9 2015 Mr. Ravi Sanker
CIO & Associate Dean,
Wellesley College, MA, USA
05-01-15 Talk on MOOC
10 2015 Prof. John C. Meakin
Department of Mathematics University of Nebraska-Lincoln Lincoln, NE
09-09-15 Erudite Talk on Semi Group Theory and Geometric Graph Theory
11 2015 Mr. Preyesh Mohan
Cognizant Technology Solutions, Kochi.
14-11-15 Talk on DEVOP-Development & Operations
12 2015 Mr. Rajesh P K
Director in Cognizant Technology Solutions, Kochi
14-11-15 Talk on "SMAC Technologies"
13 2015 Mr. Rajeev M Azhuvath
Chief Architect, Artificial Intelligence Programme of TCS
14-11-15 Talk on "Software Engineering in the era of Singularity"
14 2014 Dr. Mathew Palakal
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, USA
27-08-14 Digital Information Accessibility for the Blind & Visually Impared
15 2014 Prof. Dr. Umesh Bellur
Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay
27-08-14 Resource Balanced Based VM Placement
16 2014 Dr. Tessy Thomas
Director, Advanced Systems Laboratory,DRDO, Hyderabad
27-08-14 Advances in Missile Technology
17 2014 Dr. D Sivanda Pai
IMD Pune
28-08-14 Recent Development in Weather & Climate Information Services in India
18 2014 Dr. Ullas Nambiar
Lead Scientist at the Center for Transformational Innovations (CeTI) at EMC India COE
28-08-14 It’s SMAC Time
19 2014 Mr. Vijay Nair
Chief Technology Officer,Assyst International
28-08-14 Open Data and Open Government: Bringing the government to the People
20 2014 Prof. Paul Dorbec
University of Bordeaux, France
10-03-14 Talk on Algorithms for Power Domination &Trees
21 2014 Dr. Nishant Georage
Intel Inc, Portland
24-11-14 Talk on Engineering Semiconductor
22 2014 Dr. Beth Kolko
Professor in HCD Engineering, Harward University
2013/01/2013 Talk on “Designing Technology for Resource-Constrained Environments””
23 2013 Mrs. Kochaleema K H
Scientist F, NPOL, Kochi
2013/08/2013 Talk on Independent Verification & Validation
24 2013 Mr. Dileep Damodaran
Head, Process Automation Group, UST Global
13-08-13 Talk on “Random Thoughts”
25 2013 Prof. P. J. Narayanan
Director, IIIT Hyderabad
13-08-13 Talk on Models for Parallel Programming
26 2013 Dr. Madhukumar
NIT, Calicut
14-08-13 Talk on Research Directions in Cloud Computing
27 2013 Mr. Santhosh. C. Kurup
Branch Head, TCS, Cochin
14-08-13 Talk on Digital Trends and its Applicability to Industries
28 2013 Dr. Pradeep K Sinha
Senior Director, CDAC, Pune
25-11-13 Talk on HPC Computing
29 2013 Mr.Harjinder Singh Lallie
Senior Teaching Fellow
Cyber-Security, University of Warwick (WMG)
27-11-13 Talk on Cyber security
30 2012 Dr. John Walz
President, IEEE Computer Society
10-12-12 Talk on “Implementing process improvement techniques”
31 2010 Dr. Pankaj Jalote
Director and Professor,
Indraprastha Institute of Inf. Tech. (IIIT) Delhi
24-05-10 Talk on “Model Driven Software Architecture”
32 2010 Bharathan K Rengan
Sr. Software Engineering Architect, IBM
25-05-10 Talk on “Software Architecture & Solutions from Rational”