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DCS has an enchanting physical environment spread over an area of 1500 sq.m, with state of the art laboratories to support the M.Tech programmes, research laboratories (described elsewhere in this brochure), air-conditioned Conference room and Auditorium, well organised library, class rooms, faculty rooms, office et cetra. Apart from the wi-fi hotspot in the department, all its constituents are provided with access points to the wired net.
Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory (HCI Lab)
Hardware Facilities
  • IBM A-Pro Intellistation:
Graphics Workstation
Dual Core 64 Bit AMD Opteron- Model 275.
• IBM Z-Pro Intellistation:
Graphics Workstation
Dual Core 64 Bit INTEL Xeon Model 5160
• HCL Global Line 2750:
Server Computer PIV Zeon 1.7 GHz
• Acer Veriton 7500 Desktops,
P IV 1.7 GHz, Intel 845 chipset
• HP Color Laserjet 3800 Printer
Software Facilities
  • AUTODESK Motion Builder Pro-7
• Q pointer Voice Speech Recognition Software
• Face Tracking System for Face Gesture Recognition
• Shape Hand Plus System for capturing full range of wrist, finger & thumb movement
Live Projects
  • Malayalam Handwritten Character Recognition
• Malayalam Speech to Text Conversion
• American Sign Language Recognition
Embedded Systems Laboratory (ESL)
Hardware Facilities
  PC /104 based development platform:
Popular standardized small form-factor platform for small computing applications.
NI’s PXI Controller:
Compact PCI system for modular instrumentation and data acquisition applications
PowerQuicc II Reference Design:
Compact PCI Card for evaluating and prototyping designs
Mica Motes:
An out-of-the-box wireless sensor network module for rapid prototyping, application development and deployments
IBM System x3400:
Dual-Core Dual Intel Xeon based server system
Fujitsu workstations:
Quad Core Xeon E3-1240
Quad Core Xeon E5-1600
Software Facilities
  • RTLinux : Operating System for Real-Time / Embedded applications
• VxWorks : Real-Time operating system with Tornado IDE
• LabView : A visual design tool for measurement analysis & signal processing
• TinyOS : Development platform for tiny devices
Live Projects
  • Middleware and Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
• Localization and Tracking for Sensor Networks
• Streaming video for real time applications
• Secure file system for tiny devices
Mobile Computing Lab (MCL)
Hardware Facilities
  • IBM X Series Servers
• IBM Thinkpad Laptops with wireless connectivity
• WiFi Access Points
• GSM Modem
• GSM/GPRS & CDMA simulation infrastructure (to be acquired)
• Programmable Mobile Phones (to be acquired)
Software Facilities

Montavista Linux
Asterix IP PBX (to be acquired)
NS2 Simulation Software
Matlab R2006a
Opensource JAVA/SIP environment
Service Delivery Platform (to be acquired)
SDK for Windows/Linux Smart Phones (to be acquired)
Network Simulator software : QualNet

Live Projects
  • Mobility Modeling of Adhoc Networks
• Service Oriented Architecture for WSNs
Software Engineering Laboratory (SEL)
Hardware Facilities
  Desktops on Pentium IV Dual Core and Pentium IV
Software Facilities
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET with MSDN
An integrated development environment (IDE) for developing web applications, web services, desktop applications, and mobile applications.
• NetBeans (freeware)
Linux based integrated tool for software development and associated documentation (UML diagrams).
• Matlab version 7.0
Library of signal and image processing routines.
• Open CV (Computer Vision)
Intel’s open computer vision library for solving various computer vision problems.
Live Projects
  • Automated Testing of Object Oriented Software
• Test Sequence Generation
• Moving Object Detection
• Speech Processing
• Question Answering System
• Security Issues in WSN.
• Multimodal Maps
• Software Standards and Process Models
• Agent Based Meeting Scheduler
Computing Lab
This well equipped general-purpose Computing lab meets the curricular requirements of the M.Tech programmes.
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