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Dr. K. Poulose Jacob BSc (Engg.) M.Tech. PhD
Professor Emeritus

Email : kpj@cusat.ac.in

Dr. K.Poulose Jacob, Professor of Computer Science at Cochin University of Science and Technology since 1994, is currently Pro Vice Chancellor of Cochin University of Science & Technology.

A National Merit Scholar all through, Dr. K.Poulose Jacob joined the Cochin University as a Lecturer in the regular position in 1983. He has taught the B.Tech students of the University since 1980. His studies and research in Multi-microprocessor Applications earned him his PhD from Cochin University of Science and Technology. He was elevated as Reader in Computer Science in 1989 and subsequently Professor. He is the founder Director of the School of Computer Science Studies. A new M.Tech programme was started in the department of Computer Science, under his leadership. He has initiated the development of several new laboratories; the CUSAT intranet was conceived and commissioned under his leadership. He has been Director of the CUSAT Computer Centre and had initiated the Centre for Information Resource Management. He was Chairman of two Boards of Studies earlier. He has been the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and is presently Chairman, Board of Studies in Computer Science. He is a member of Academic Council and has been in the University Senate for 10 years. He has held additional administrative responsibilities at CUSAT, like Head of the Department of Computer Applications, Director - Centre for MHO Co-operation, Director - Strategic Planning.

He has presented research papers in several International Conferences in Europe, USA, UK, Australia and other countries. He has delivered invited talks at several national and international events.

He has served as a Member of the Standing Committee of the UGC on Computer Education & Development. He is the Zonal Coordinator of the DOEACC Society under the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India. He serves as a member of the AICTE expert panel for accreditation and approval. He has been a member of several academic bodies of different Universities and Institutes. He is on the editorial board of two international journals in Computer Science. He has hosted an International Conference at Cochin serving as its Organising Chair.

Dr. K.Poulose Jacob is a Professional member of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and a Life Member of the Computer Society of India.

Till now twelve candidates have obtained PhD degrees under his supervision. He has more than 75 research publications to his credit. His research interests are in Information Systems Engineering, Intelligent Architectures and Networks

Listed in the 2010 Edition of Who’s Who in the World® published by Marquis Who’s Who, as the biographical reference representing the world’s most accomplished individuals.

        PhDs supervised
  • Sumam Mary Idicula - Design and development of a adaptable frame based system for dravidian language processing (2000) Abstract
  • Sojan Lal P. - Some efficient representation of 3D information based on octrees (2002) Abstract
  • Sreenivasa Narasimha Kini - Information discovery in Distributed Systems - A novel concept based on modeling of information elements (2003) Abstract
  • Varghese Paul - Data Security in Fault Tolerant Hard Real Time Systems: Use of Time Dependent Multiple Random Cipher Code (2006) Abstract
  • David Peter - Design and Development of a performance evaluation Prototype for IT organizations in the context of Outsourcing (2007) Abstract
  • Sheena Mathew - Studies, Design and Development of Network Security Enhancement Services using Novel Cryptographic Algorithms (2009) Abstract
  • Shahana T.K - Efficient Transmitter/Receiver Architectures For High Performance Wireless Applications (2009) Abstract
  • Surekha Mariam Varghese - An alternative approach to Computer system security monitoring and enhancement Through system call sequence analysis (2009) Abstract
  • Rekha K. James - Design and synthesis of efficient MAC architectures for High Speed Decimal Processor (2010) Abstract
  • Santhosh Kumar G - Energy-efficient cluster based routing schemes for static and mobile sensor networks (2011) Abstract
  • Binu G S - Energy management in wireless sensor networks: a crosslayer, channel adaptive approach towards performance optimization (2012) Abstract
  • Mariamma Chacko - An error-localization, validation and optimization tool for embedded code augmentation: an architecture oriented approach(2012) Abstract
  • Santhosh Simon - Dat Aggregation and MAC Layer Approaches for enhanced Energy Efficiency in Large Scale Wiresless Sensor Networks
  • Preetha Theresa Joy - Design and Development of Cooperative Caching Framework for Improving Data Accessibility in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
  • Paul A.J. - Design and Development of an efficient Symmetric key encryption scheme (2013) [as co-guide]
  • Bindya M. Varghese - Development of hierarchical clustering techniques for gridded data from mixed data sequences (2014) [as co-guide]
  • Sonia Sunny - A hybrid architecture for recognising speech signals in Malayalam (2014) [as co-guide]
  • AnupamaSurendran - Program Slicing Techniques for Software Testing (2017) [as co-guide]
  • Vimina E R (submitted)

       List of Publications

  1. "L Varghese, MH Supriya, KP Jacob; Finding Template Mails from Spam Corpus Using Genetic Algorithm and K-Means Algorithm, ) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol. 6 (4) , 2015, 3548-3551, 2015"

  2. "ER Vimina, KP Jacob, N Nandakumar; Boosting retrieval efficiency with image replacement based relevance feedback, Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI), 2015"

  3. "ER Vimina, K Ramakrishnan, N Nandakumar, KP Jacob; An efficient multi query system for content based image retrieval using query replacement, 16th IEEE/ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Parallel/Distributed Computing (SNPD), 2015"

  4. "S Sunny, KP Jacob; Three Sigma Limits: A Statistical Method for Improving Recognition Accuracy of Speech Signals, Int. J. of Advance Research in Computer Science and Management Studies, Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2015"

  5. "PT Joy, KP Jacob; Adaptive Backbone Based Cooperative Caching in Mobile Ad hoc Networks, International Journal of Wireless Information Networks 21 (4), 306-316, 2014"

  6. "ER Vimina, KP Jacob; An Evaluation of Image Matching Algorithms for Region Based Image Retrieval, International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology 6 (6), 75, 2014"

  7. "GS Kumar, KP Jacob; Data Science & Engineering (ICDSE), Edited Volume 2014"

  8. "PT Joy, KP Jacob; Cache Discovery Over a Multihop Wireless Ad Hoc Network, arXiv preprint arXiv:1406.5316, 2014"

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