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Core/Elective: Elective Semester: 3 Credits: 4
Course Description

Communication systems include many devices ranging in complexity from small hand held phones to large, central office switching devices. This course is designed to understand the issues common to communication equipments while developing a communications software strategy.

Course Objectives

To familiarize Software strategy for developing communications equipments.
To Understand context for the software functions of each communication layers
To Understand Hardware and software related issues and solutions


1. Communication devices - the communications ecosystem - embedded communications software - Software partitioning - module and task decomposition - Partitioning case study

2. Protocol software - debugging protocols - tables and other data structures - table access routines - Buffer and timer management

3. Device management - Router management - Agent to protocol interface - Device to manager communication

4. Common architectures for communication equipment - multi-board architectures - RTOS support for distribution - Failures and Fault tolerence in multiboard systems

5. Product development - Hardware independent development - using COTS board - Development tools - test tools - Case studies on commercial systems


1. T. Sridhar "Designing Embedded Communications Software" CMP Books (2003) ISBN-13: 978-1578201259
2. Larry L Peterson “Computer Networks: A Systems Approach” Morgan Kaufmann (2007) ISBN-13: 978-0123705488

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