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Core/Elective: Elective Semester: 3 Credits: 4
Course Description

Control System engineering deals with application of Control theory to design system with predictable behaviors. It focuses on the mathematical modeling, analysis and controller design of systems of diverse nature

Course Objectives

Study analysis of discrete time systems.
Design of Control Systems using state space model
Lyapunov’s method for stability analysis of systems


1. Basic Control Theory - Time Response Analysis - Frequency Domain Analysis - Stability of Linear Systems - Compensating Networks - Design of Lead/Lag Compensator - PID Controller Design and Tuning

2. Discrete Data Control Systems - Types of Discrete Time Systems - Examples of Discrete Data Systems - Sampling Process and Analysis - Data Reconstruction and Hold Circuits - Mathematical Analysis of Discrete Data Systems - z-Transforms - Pulse Transfer Function - Time Response Analysis of Discrete Time Systems - Mapping Properties of Z-Transform - Stability of Discrete Time Systems

3. State Space Analysis of Systems - State Model for Linear Systems and Nonlinear Systems - State Space Model for Physical Systems - State Space Model from Transfer Functions - Canonical Models - Time Domain Analysis in State Space - Time Invariant State Equation - State Transition Matrix from Cayleigh–Hamilton Theorem - Solution of State Equation in Canonical Forms.

4. Characteristics of Nonlinear Systems - Multiple Equilibrium States and Zones - Jump Phenomenon - Linearisation Techniques - Lyapunov’s Method for Stability - Classification of Nonlinearities - Phase Plane Analysis -Delta Method-Pell’s Method -Evaluation of Time on Phase Trajectory -Limit Cycles on Phase Plane

5. Describing Function - Definition - Analysis - Describing Function for Ideal Relay -Relay with Dead Zone - Simple Dead Zone - Friction Controlled Backlash - Stability of the Limit Cycles - Closed Loop Frequency Response - Lyapunov’s method for nonlinear systems - Application of Lyapunov Function to Estimate Transients - Optimal Control Performance Measures - Quadratic Performance Measures


1. K. P. Mohandas “Modern Control. Engineering” Sangvine Publications (2006)
2. I.J Nagrath & M Gopal “Control Systems Engineering” New Age International Publications 4th Edition (2005)

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