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Core/Elective: Elective Semester: 2 Credits: 4
Course Description

Continuing advances in integrated circuit technology have enabled the integration of computation and communication capabilities into devices which monitor or control physical processes. This course is an introduction to fundamental concepts of networked embedded systems and wireless sensor networks.

Course Objectives

To understand the composition of embedded systems that may function as the connection of the Internet to the physical world
To study communication protocols for ubiquitous computing systems specifically power-aware communication protocols for networks of small devices
To gain knowledge to construct innovative-networked systems


1. Embedded Network systems – Representation of signals – Signal propagation – sensor principles – source detection and identification

2. Networking – Network position and synchronization – Energy management – Data management – Articulation, Mobility and infrastructure - Node architecture – Node data integrity – Experimental systems design – Design principles for Embedded Network systems

3. Wireless Sensor Networks – Architectures for WSN – Data aggregation - Routing concepts - Operating Systems for WSN – Sensor Programming

4. Automotive networked embedded systems – trends – time triggered communication – CAN for embedded systems – LIN standard – System software for automotive applications

5. Networked Embedded systems in Industrial Automation – Fieldbus Systems – Real-Time Ethernet – WLAN and WPAN for industrial environments


1. Gregory J. Pottie and William J. Kaiser “Principles of Embedded Networked Systems Design” Cambridge University Press (2005) ISBN-13: 978-0521840125
2. Richard Zurawski “Embedded Systems Handbook, Second Edition: Networked Embedded Systems”, CRC (2009) ISBN-13: 978-1439807613

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