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Core/Elective: Core Semester: 1 Credits: 4
Course Description

Software engineering is the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, as well as maintenance of software, and the study of these approaches. This course is concerned with all aspects of software production; developed programs and associated documentation.

Course Objectives

To familiarize principles, concepts and practice of software engineering.
To familiarize the methods and processes of constructing the different types of software Systems
To Apply techniques and tools of software engineering within the context of systematic construction of quality software


1. Software life cycle – Models – Requirements engineering – Requirement analysis – Requirement specifications - Formal specification – Algebraic specification – Model based specification – Diagramming techniques – Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) – Michael Jackson diagrams – ER diagrams – Decision tables – Decision trees

2. System engineering – Analysis, concepts and principles – Analysis modeling – Design concepts and principles – Cohesion – Coupling – Abstraction – Partitioning – Architectural design – Interface design – Component level design

3. Software analysis and design – Structured analysis and design methodology – Transform analysis – Transaction analysis – Design optimization – Case studies

4. Computer aided software engineering – CASE classification – CASE life cycle – CASE workbenches – Programming workbenches – Analysis and design workbenches – Testing workbenches – Meta CASE workbenches

5. Advanced topics – Clean room software engineering – Web engineering – Reengineering – Client/Server software engineering


1. Ian Sommerville “Software Engineering” AW 8th Ed (2008)
2. Roger S. Pressman “Software Engineering – A practitioners approach” McGraw Hill 7thEd (2009)
3. James Martin “Structured techniques for computing” PH 1st Ed (1985)
4. Pankaj Jalote “An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering” Springer 3rd Ed (2005)

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