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We are in the process of collecting and updating the alumni details of the Department of Computer Science, CUSAT. By doing so we hope to provide a meeting place for all previous and current students of the department whereby they can know each other better and share their knowledge. Also upon getting in touch with enough alumnus we intend to create a strong and active alumni asscociation for the department.

If you were a student of this department, please send a mail to dcsalumni@cusat.ac.in giving your email id(will be used for login), name, batch, programme, present address and phone no., current profile etc. Please send a scanned passport size photo(preferably color) of yours as well.Your details including your photo will be accesible only to the alumnus upon login and not to the public.

To get more infomation about Alumni members, Please use Alumni Login page.

New Members, Please use Join Alumni page.

Search Name
Current Profile
Alexander G
M.Tech. CIS/1992
Arunan I T
M.Tech. CIS/1992
Binto George
M.Tech. CIS/1992
University of Washington
Brahmandam Visalakshi
M.Tech. CIS/1992
Garikapati Ravi
M.Tech. CIS/1992
G Vidya Ratnakumar
M.Tech. CIS/1992
Jayakrishnan U
M.Tech. CIS/1992
John K K
M.Tech. CIS/1992
K V Babu Mohanan
M.Tech. CIS/1992
CEO, Sequiter IT services
Praveen Chand M
M.Tech. CIS/1992
R Shyamala
M.Tech. CIS/1992
Sivakumar S G
M.Tech. CIS/1992
M.Tech. CIS/1992
Sudha B Menon
M.Tech. CIS/1992
Sudheer K I
M.Tech. CIS/1992
T Ramesh
M.Tech. CIS/1992
  *Current First Year Batch
  **Current Second Year Batch

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